Dr. Nadira Khatun

Assistant Professor, School of Communications
Ph.D. In Communications and Film Studies
School: Xavier School of Communications (XCOMM)
Home Page:https://xub.academia.edu/NadiraKhan

Teaching Interests

Film Studies, postcolonial theory, ethnography, cultural studies, electronic media, film studies, and qualitative research.

Research Interests

Indian cinema, postcolonial theory, ethnography, neo-liberalism, globalization, religion and secularism, popular culture, electronic media, film studies, and qualitative research.

Administrative Responsibilities

Coordinator of Social Media Marketing Team
Coordinator of 3rd year B.Sc. research and dissertation
Assigned responsibility of internal admissions for M.A. Mass Comm for 2018.

Research & Publications


2018, JOURNAL: ‘Love-Jihad’ and Bollywood: Constructing Muslims as ‘Other’, Journal of Religion & Film, University of Nebraska - Omaha

2016, JOURNAL: Imagining Muslims as the ‘Other’ in Muslim political films, Journal of Arab Muslim Media Research, Intellect, United Kingdom

2015, JOURNAL: The role of Internet campaigns in forming civil society in India’, International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies

2013, JOURNAL: Book Review: Ganti Tejaswini. ‘Producing Bollywood: Inside Contemporary Hindi Film Industry’. , UoH Journal of Comparative Literature, University of Hyderabad, India

#Working Paper

2018, WorkingPaper: ‘Post-colonial Hindi Cinema & Neo-nationalism: The Politics of Muslim Identity, The Journal for South Asian Popular Culture, Taylor and Francis

2018, WorkingPaper: Representation of Muslims in Bengali Cinema,


2018, Conference-Attended: South Asia Communication Conference on Media Portrayal of Marginalised Communities , Venue: Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)

2018, Conference-Attended: Symposium on Representation in the Bollywood, Venue: Birmingham City University, UK.

2018, Conference-Attended: International Conference on Religion & Film, Venue: University of Toronto, Canada, Journal of Religion & Film

2018, Seminars-Talks: South Asia Communication Conference, Venue: Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT)

2017, Conference-Attended: Social Media: The Changing Communication Environment, Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Odisha

2017, Conference-Conducted: Social Media: The Changing Communication Environment, Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Odisha

2016, Conference-Attended: CERE International on Excellence in Research Education, Venue: Indian Institute of Management, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

2014, Conference-Attended: ‘12th Development Dialogue: Rethinking Democracy, Venue: International Institute of Social Sciences, The Hague, Netherlands

2013, Conference-Attended: Research Innovations Workshop, Venue: Keele University, United Kingdom

2012, Conference-Attended: CPRACSIS International Conference, Venue: The Centre for Performance Research and Cultural Studies in South Asia


2018, Training-Attended: Cinema Aesthetics, Venue: Central University of Jharkhand, Ranchi

2008, Training-Attended: Human Development, Venue: Young Scholar’s Program (YSP-4)

2008, Training-Attended: Researching Violence Against Women, Venue: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

Projects / Consultancy

2017, Education and Women Empowerment: A Case Study of Baiganwadi, M-Ward, Client: Sree Narayana Guru College of Commerce, Mumbai., Status: Completed

2010, Review of Cooperative Laws, Client: Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, Status: Completed

Writing in Mass Media

2017: Khatun, Nadira. (2017) ‘Representation of Muslims in Bengali Cinema and Television’ in Café Dissensus for the issue, Muslim Life in West Bengal (Issue 37) : Link1

2016: Khatun, Nadira. (2016) ‘Indian Muslims, Bollywood, and Neo-Nationalism’ in Café Dissensus for the issue, Bollywood Nationalism (Issue 30) : Link1

Work Experience

Working as Assistant Professor for last 2 and half years