Prof. Subhra Pattnaik

  Lecturer, Human Resource Management
  School: Xavier School of Human Resource Management (XAHR)
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Educational Qualifications

Ph.d. (Submitted),
B.Tech (NIT, Rourkela)

Teaching Interests

Human Resource Management, Compensation management, Performance management, Competency mapping and Development Center

Research Interests

Organizational justice, Organizational identification, Diversity and inclusion, Meaningful work, Sustainability, Employee Performance

Administrative Responsibilities

Coordinator of Leadership Talk Series, Coordinator of Orientation Program, Conducting Development Centers for Non-teaching Staff

Member in Editorial Board

Reviewer Service provided to - South Asian Journal of Management, Journal of Case Research, Management Revue, Public Administration Research, RVIM Journal of Management Research, International Journal of Conflict Management

Research & Publications

# Journal

2020, JOURNAL: Organizational Identification (OID): A Review of Major Developments in the Field and Recommendations for Future Research, Vol. 27, Issue 1, pp. 28-53

2019, JOURNAL: Relationships between green supply chain drivers, Triple Bottom Line sustainability and operational performance: An empirical investigation in the UK manufacturing supply chain , Operations and Supply Chain management, Vol. 12, No.4, pp.198-211

2019, JOURNAL: The Journey of Justice: Recounting Milestones over the Past Six Decades, Sage publications,Link

2018, JOURNAL: Targetting emerging and untapped markets : Rethinking market intelligence decision framework, prabandhan, Vol. 11, Issue 1, pp. 39-51

2018, JOURNAL: A Review of Inconsistencies in the Organizational Justice and Employee Performance Relationship: Can Organizational Identification Bridge the Gap?, South Asian Journal of Management, Vol. 25, Issue 1, pp. 79-103

2014, JOURNAL: An Aspect of making Pay-for-Performance plan, Training & Development Journal

# Book Chapter

2019, Chapter: Methodological Issues in Management Research: Advances, Challenges, and the Way ahead, Emerald Publishers

# Working Paper

2019, WorkingPaper: PMUs in Odisha Government Departments: Is the Outsourcing worth?, Paper Accepted at Annual Cities Research Summit, XAHS, XUB


2018, WorkingPaper: Exploring Performance Dimensionality in Indian Public Sector Units , Accepted in International Journal of Productivity and Performance (ABDC tiered and Scopus indexed)

2018, WorkingPaper: Outcomes of Meaningful work in context of Indian workmen: The role of relational identification and organizational based self-esteem therein , Under Review in South Asian Journal of Human Resource Management (ABDC tiered and Scopus indexed journal)

2018, WorkingPaper: Does self-centrism rust the golden armour of meaningful work?, Accepted in Development and Learning Organizations (ABDC tiered, scopus indexed)

2018, WorkingPaper: Towards Meaningful Work: The Moderating effects of organizational-based self-esteem and relational identification , SAJHRM best paper nomination at INDAM 2020 Conference, Trichy.

2018, WorkingPaper: Challenges in Assessment Centres: Lessons from Experience, under review in Management and Labour Studies (ABDC tiered)

2018, WorkingPaper: Employee Performance: A Literature Review, under review in Prabandhan (Scopus indexed journal)

2018, WorkingPaper: Organizational Identification as a moderator of justice-performance relationship in Indian PSUs, Sent to AOM 2020 conference, Vancouver, Canada

2017, WorkingPaper: Creating Value through Sustainable Manufacturing Practices: A comparision old and new firms in United Kingdom , Targeted to Journal of Creating Value


2020, Conference-Attended (Presenter): INDAM 2020, IIM Trichy, Venue: IIM Trichy, IIM Trichy

2020, Conference-Attended (Presenter): International Conference on Global Trends in Business Practices and Management Education, Venue: Crown Hotel, Bhubaneswar, Birla Global University and University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, Europe

2020, Conference-Attended (Participant): People Matters EX Conference 2020, Venue: Digital Conference, People Matters

2019, Conference-Attended (Presenter): IAJBS 2019, Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, IAJBS

2019, Conference-Conducted (Chaired-Conducted): International Conference on Organizational Metamorphisis for Inovotation,Inclusion and Agility, Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Xavier School of Human Resource Management

2019, Conference-Attended (Presenter): Programme Management Units (PMUs) in Odisha Government Departments: Is the Outsourcing Worth?, Venue: Xavier University Bhubaneswar, Xavier School of Human Settlement

Training / Workshop / Faculty Development Program

2020, Training-Attended: ethics and integrity in teaching, Venue: ximb

2020, Training-Attended: Empathy Circle, Venue: Online event

2019, FDP-Attended: Human Processes - Basic Lab, Venue: Siddharth hotel, IRC Village, Bhubaneswar


2018, FDP-Attended: Case Method Teaching Seminar, Venue: XIMB

2018, FDP-Attended: Workshop on SPSS, Venue: Xavier City Campus

2018, FDP-Attended: Case writing workshop, Venue: XIMB

2018, FDP-Attended: Microsoft Office 365, Venue: XUB

2018, FDP-Attended: SPSS AMOSS workshop, Venue: XIMB

2018, Training-Conducted: Team Building and Communication for SHG women, Venue: XUB

2017, FDP-Attended: Structural Equation modelling, Venue: KIIT School of Management

2017, Training-Attended: Teaching to learn and learning to lead, Venue: XUB

2017, FDP-Attended: case teaching as a pedagogical tool, Venue: XIMB

2016, FDP-Attended: Research design, writing and publications, Venue: KIIT School of Management

2016, Training-Conducted: Emotional Intelligence in banking, Venue: IDBI

2016, Training-Conducted: Rise of women in corporate ladder, Venue: SIDBI

Projects / Consultancy

2019, Teams in DRDO: The New Horizons, Client: Integrated Test Range, Chandipur, DRDO, Status: Completed

2018, Recruitment Drive, Client: Odisha State Child Protection Society, Status: Completed

2013, Variable pay design and compensation benchmarking at GSFC, Client: GSFC, Status: Completed

2012, Job evaluation at National Stock Exchange, Client: National Stock Exchange, Status: Completed

2012, Performance Management System - Design and Implementation at GSFC, Client: GSFC, Status: Completed

2011, Competency mapping and leadership development at VIP, Client: VIP, Status: Completed

# Awards & Honors

2011: Received the faculty council gold medal and the NTPC gold medal for exceptional academic performance at XIMB,,

# Work Experience

KIIT School of Management, PricewaterhouseCoopers? Private Limited, Onmobile Global Limited

# Hobbies

Playing violin, Creative writing

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