Dr. Monalisa Mandal

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science & Engineering
MCA, PhD., Post-Doc
Home Page:https://sites.google.com/site/monalisamandal35783/

Teaching Interests

Data Structure, Web design, Operating System, AI, Data Mining, Soft Computing, Bioinformatics

Research Interests

Computational Biology, Pattern Recognition, Data Mining, Deep Learning

Research & Publications


2017, JOURNAL: “Multiobjective PSO-based Rank Aggregation: Application in Gene Ranking from Microarray Data, Elsevier

2015, JOURNAL: A Comparative Study Among Various Statistical Tests Using Microarray Gene Expression Data, Bentham Science

2015, JOURNAL: Prediction of Protein Subcellular Localization by Incorporating Multiobjective PSO-based Feature Subset Selection into the General form of Chou’s PseAAC, Springer Berlin Heidelberg

2015, JOURNAL: A PSO-based Approach for Pathway MarkerIdentificationfromGene-ExpressionData, IEEE

2014, JOURNAL: A Graph-Theoretic Approach for Identifying Nonredundant and Relevant Gene Markers from Microarray Data Using Multiobjective Binary PSO, PLOS (Public Library of Science)

2014, JOURNAL: Identifying Non-redundant Gene Markers from Microarray Data: A Multiobjective Variable Length PSO-based Approach, IEEE, USA

2014, JOURNAL: A Novel PSO-based Graph-Theoretic Approach for Identifying Most Relevant and Non-redundant Gene Markers from Gene Expression Data, Taylor & Francis

#Book Chapter

2016, Chapter: Operations Research and Optimization - Frontiers in Optimization: Theory and Application (Eds,: S. Kar, U. Maulik and X. Li), Springer Singapore


2017, Conference-Attended: Robust classification of microRNA expression profiles from hepatocellular carcinomas, Venue: Basel, Switzerland

2015, Conference-Attended: Partial Rank Aggregation Using Mutiobjective Genetic Algorithm: Application in Ranking Genes, Venue: 4th-7th Jan./2015, ISI, Kolkata, India (IEEE Xplore).

2014, Conference-Attended: Predicting Protein Subcellular Localization: A Multiobjective PSO-based Feature Subset Selection from Amino Acid Sequence of Protein, Venue: 22nd-24th Dec./2014, Bhubaneswar, India (IEEE Xplore).

2013, Conference-Attended: Fuzzy Rule-based Classifier for Microarray Gene Expression Data by Using a Multiobjective PSO-based Approach, Venue: Hyderabad, India, July 2013 (IEEE Xplore).

2013, Conference-Attended: A PSO-based Rank Aggregation Algorithm for Ranking Genes from Microarray Data, Venue: Thessaloniki, Greece, September, 2013 (ACM).

2013, Conference-Attended: An Improved Minimum Redundancy Maximum Relevance Approach for Feature Selection in Gene Expression Data, Venue: Kalyani, West Bengal, India (Procedia Technology, Vol. 10, pp. 20-27, Elsevier).

2012, Conference-Attended: A Multiobjective PSO-based Approach for Identifying Non-redundant Gene Markers from Microarray Gene Expression Data, Venue: Dindigul, India

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2012, Conference-Attended: “Identifying Most Relevant Non-redundant Gene Markers From Gene Expression Data Using PSO-based Graph -Theoretic Approach, Venue: Solan, India, December 2012 (IEEE Xplore).

2012, Conference-Attended: Multiobjective particle swarm optimization based ontology alignment, Venue: Solan, India, December 2012 (IEEE Xplore).


2014, Training-Attended: Workshop on Computational Methodologies and Application, Venue: University of Kalyani, W.B., India.

2013, FDP-Attended: Soft Computing Approach in Cryptography, two weeks Faculty Development Program , Venue: AICTE

2013, Training-Attended: Workshop on Computer Methodologies and Applications, Venue: WBSCHE

2012, Training-Attended: Workshop on GIS-based Applications through TNT mips, Venue: IIPC

2012, Training-Attended: Workshop on Bioinformatics, Venue: Center for Soft Computing Research of Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, W.B., India

Projects / Consultancy

2021, Integrating In-silico and Wet Lab to Identify Novel Phytochemicals for Cancer Therapy, Client: Xavier University (Parent Institute), Institute of Life Sciences (Host Institute), Status: On-going