Prof. Rudra Mohan Tripathy

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science & Engineering
Ph.D (IIT Delhi)
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Teaching Interests

Data Structure
Algorithm Design & Analysis
Data Mining
Soft Computing
Data Analytics

Research Interests

Data Mining
Social Network Analysis
Structural Properties of Networks

Other Membership

ISTE (Life Member)
IEEE (Annual Member)
OITS (Life Member)

Research & Publications


2013, JOURNAL: Towards Combating Rumors in Social Networks: Models & Metrics, IOS Press

#Working Paper

2018, WorkingPaper: Topic Diffusion and Emergence of Virality in Social Networks,


2018, Seminars-Talks: Recent Trends in Data Analytics, Venue: GITA, Bhubaneswar

2018, Conference-Attended: One week National Workshop on Data Analytics using R (DAUR 2018), Venue: Silicon, Bhubaneswar

2018, Seminars-Talks: Cyber Crime and its Security, Venue: Bhubaneswar

2017, Seminars-Talks: National Workshop on Complex Networks, Venue: Kerala

2014, Conference-Attended: Theme Based Clustering of Tweets, Venue: New Delhi, India

2014, Conference-Attended: Competitive Diffusion in Social Network, Venue: Rourkela

2013, Conference-Attended: Spatio-Temporal and Events based Analysis of Topic Popularity in Twitter, Venue: San Francisco, USA

2013, Conference-Attended: Temporal Analysis of User Behavior and Topic Evolution on Twitter, Venue: Mysore, India

2013, Conference-Attended: Complex Network Characteristics and Performance in Cricket, Venue: Mysore, India

2011, Conference-Attended: Towards the use of Online Social Networks for Efficient Internet Content Distribution, Venue: Bangalore, India

2010, Conference-Attended: A study of rumor control strategies on social networks, Venue: Toronto, Canada

Work Experience

1. Lecturer in Computer Science and Engineering, BCET, Balasore (July, 2003 -- October, 2004)
2. Summer Internship at IBM Research Lab, New Delhi, India (April, 2011 - July, 2011)
2. Associate Professor and Head, Department of CSE, Silicon Institute of Technology, Bhubaneswar (Nov, 2004 -- April, 2018)