Prof. Rakesh Prasad Badoni

Jr. Assistant Professor , School of Computer Science & Engineering

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Research & Publications


2017, JOURNAL: Local convergence of a parameter based iteration with Holder continuous derivative in Banach spaces, Springer Verlag (Germany)

2017, JOURNAL: Improving security of lightweight authentication technique for heterogeneous wireless sensor networks, Springer US

2017, JOURNAL: Application of MADM methods for selecting the best private institution for professional courses in Uttarakhand state, India, Polish Information Processing Society (Poland)

2016, JOURNAL: A new algorithm for enumerating all possible Sudoku squares, World Scientific (Singapore)

2015, JOURNAL: A hybrid algorithm for university course timetabling problem, IISTE (United States of America)

2014, JOURNAL: A new hybrid algorithm for university course timetabling problem using events based on groupings of students, Elsevier (United Kingdom)

2014, JOURNAL: A graph edge colouring approach for school timetabling problems, Inderscience Publishers (Switzerland)

2014, JOURNAL: A new approach for university timetabling problems, Inderscience Publishers (Switzerland)