Lect. Chandan Misra

Lecturer, School of Computer Science & Engineering
B-Tech in IT, M-Tech in Computer Science, Pursuing Ph. D.
Home Page:https://chandanmisra1.wixsite.com/itsme

Teaching Interests

Web Development, Data Structures, Android Application Development, Computer Networks

Research Interests

Distributed Computing, Linear Algebra, Big Data

Other Membership

The Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)

Research & Publications


2010, JOURNAL: A New Framework to Preserve Tagore Songs, IOS Press, India


2018, Conference-Attended: SPIN: A Fast and Scalable Matrix Inversion Method in Apache Spark, Venue: IIT Varanasi, ACM

2017, Conference-Attended: SprIntMap: A System for Visualizing Interpolating Surface using Apache Spark, Venue: NIT Goa, Springer

2017, Conference-Attended: SangeetLab: A New Framework for Expressing Digital Indic Music., Venue: ACM

2016, Conference-Attended: Swaralipi: A Framework For Transcribing and Rendering Indic Music Sheet, Venue: TENOR

2014, Conference-Attended: A Demonstration of GeomSMS: An SMS Framework for Sharing Geospatial Features, Venue: University of Texas, Dallas, ACM

2010, Conference-Attended: A New Framework to Preserve Tagore Songs, Venue: TERI, New Delhi